Our History

Megart Technologies Powered Roller Conveyor

Megart Technologies Inc is a manufacturer of production equipment and accessories to support the baking and food service industries. We are based in Concord, Ontario, just north of Toronto.

Although our production was initially geared to manufacture racks, tables, and dollies, etc. we soon moved to the design and manufacture of depositing equipment for some local bakers. Our first depositor was a custom design, in response to a customers need for a semi-automatic method of filling butter tarts into two different shaped pans. Thus began our venture into the challenging world of depositing equipment.

Megart Technologies Powered Roller Conveyor

Soon we had designed a number of specialty depositors for a variety of products including whipped cream and a coffee filling for Tiramisu cakes. The obvious evolution of Megart Technologies was to design and build a transfer pump so that our clients could move product from the mixing bowl into the hopper of the depositors.

All of this equipment required conveyors to move the trays and pans to and from the depositors, so we developed a variety of conveyors to handle the different applications that are found with wholesale bakeries, including glazing, oiling, and wet and dry product depositing.

Megart Technologies Wire Mesh Submerger Conveyor

Soon we had completed our first complete make-up/depositing line which included modular production tables, a depositing station for dry inclusions such as nuts or raisins into the tart shell cavities, and two cantilever style depositors for production of fruit or butter tarts. Empty pans in, full pans out, no fuss, no muss!

As our line of products grew, so too did our reputation as a company that tackled challenging projects that other manufacturers declined. We found ourselves invited into the production area of an international wholesale frozen pastry producer to suspend a 200 foot declining transfer conveyor above the production floor to move product from the outfeed of a spiral cooler, back down to the floor, and oh yes, don't interrupt production! Another challenge!

Megart Technologies Belt Conveyor

Specialty conveyors became regular items in our production schedule. Bucket elevators, food waste conveyors, spiral conveyors for cooling product, and table-top style conveyors for use in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and packaging industries have all rolled out our door and into facilities where the installation was sometimes more challenging than fabrication.

Megart Technologies has also branched out into design and manufacture of specialty products for the automotive and recycling industries. It seems we just can't resist a challenge!

Megart Technologies Auto Pan Feeding System Control Panel

Our equipment is specifically designed to be robust and sturdy, so that the demands of production facilities where equipment is used long and hard every day will not affect the performance and durability of the machine. Another important design principle built into all our equipment is to make machines user friendly and easy to disassemble and maintain. This allows production, sanitation and maintenance staff to adhere to the regular and important schedules that are required to ensure long equipment life, safe operation and compliance with set standards.

Since then, some of our other designs have included mixing bowl and dough trough elevators, bakery proofers, flour dusters, oiling and slitting stations for a phyllo dough production line, and stainless steel conveyor bridges and sanitation platforms.

From that first machine to recent fabrication of a high speed, multi station depositing line for a unique multi layered product which included a rotary diving head, as well as an outfeed conveyor line which also included a right angle transfer into an oven loading station for the existing tunnel oven, it has been a great journey.

Our Goal

At Megart Technologies Inc. our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality, specialty production equipment, which will be versatile, dependable and durable. We will offer unique innovative solutions to production challenges which will reduce production costs, and increase efficiency and which will provide our customers a competitive edge in their particular industry.
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Social distance partitions for food production facilities

Megart Technologies designs Social Distance Partition to help production during COVID-19.

Keep regular production flow and efficiency!

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