Manufacturing protective equipment during COVID-19

Megart Technologies takes a stance against coronavirus

Nowadays, many businesses and manufacturers around the world come forward in battling COVID-19 pandemic, providing health care personnel and other people with everything from protective masks and gloves to ventilators. Megart Technologies went on to contribute to the world-wide fight against COVID-19.

While most effective way to halt the spread of the virus is to self-isolate and temporarily close your business, some production facilities just cannot shut down, food production plants and assembly lines for one. Here is one of the creative solutions we developed to implement social distancing where it is not normally possible.

Social Distance Partition is our new product and is designed to help production during COVID-19, keep regular flow and efficiency. This can work for mass production where is impossible follow social distance rulers.

If you require custom solutions for your production facility to maintain your throughput during the virus outbreak, feel free to contact us.

We create custom solutions fast, reliable and hit the heart of your problem.

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